Release logs:
1. Added preview for local video over the playback slider.
2. Added gif preview for local video in the playlist.
3. Added auto-loading “srt” subtitles located with the same name in the video folder.
1. Fixed errors in the license dialog working and activating Pro features. All Pro features are available in the free version.
2. Fixed broken playback & downloading YouTube age protected videos.
3. During playback live streams with caching on disk temporary files were not removed completely.
4. Fixed broken rtl support.
5. Fixed lost window focus and broken hotkeys working after changing usual/video/music modes.
6. Fixed broken hotkeys working to enter fullscreen.
7. Fixed flickering a preview image in the playlist.
8. Fixed empty images in the YouTube games tops.
9. Fixed errors in the YouTube Music top playlist.
10. Fixed errors in the YouTube playlists.
11. Fixed very frequently tooltip update over the playback slider, fixed tooltip flickering.
12. Fixed incorrect value of the tooltip text over the playback slider.
13. Corrected tooltip title for tray icon.
14. Update the volume slider position more smoothly.
15. Updated italian translation.