Release logs:

1. Added in playback settings option to change “cache time” before start live playback.

2. Added showing loading animation during parsing a playlist item.
3. Added auto-loading “ass, ssa, txt, sub, usf and other” external subtitles located with the same name in the video folder.

1. Set getting video preview for local video to low priority task
2. Fixed broken painting window at start if activated minimizing to tray icon option.
3. Fixed broken scroll’s up/down buttons working in the playlist.
4. Fixed sometimes broken navigation in the playlist using PageDown key.
5. Fixed sometimes broken preview image rate in the playlist.
6. Fixed sometimes broken aspect ratio for thumbnail image in the playlist.
7. Fixed sometimes broken aspect ratio for preview image in the playlist.
8. Fixed sometimes presents artifacts during playback preview image in the playlist.
9. Fixed sometimes long preview in the playlist, limited preview to 3 seconds.
10. Fixed sometimes missing preview for some videos in the playlist.