Release logs:
1. Added reading metadata for YouTube’s channel added to playlist via OpenUrl or drag & drop.
2. Show selected playlist content during internal drag & drop.
3. Added Shift+F10 support:
– show main menu
– for playlist’s item show context menu
– for text field show context menu
– for left panel button show context menu
1. Fixed broken Drag & Drop working.
2. Fixed: add only last opened page to the history during drag & drop
3. Fixed broken working of “Open in the right pane” option in the playlist’s menu.
4. Fixed incorrect shown long text in the title in the right-to-left view.
5. Fixed lost multiply selection during moving multiply items in the playlist.
6. Fixed: move to playable item in the right panel if select a playable playlist.
7. Fixed order of copying media items from one to another playlist.
8. Fixed broken seeking to 0 position
9. Rebuilt support of “Tab” and “Shift+Tab” hot keys.

10. Updated Korean and Slovenian translations.