Release logs:
1. Added showing popup with colors to choose highlight color at the first start.
2. Added showing context menu for the playlist if right click on the playlist title on the top playlists bar.
3. Added option to copy url/path of the played file by pressing hotkey “F12”.
1. Fixed broken Twitch search & playback.
2. Fixed broken opening Twitch channel if drag & drop Twitch channel url from browser on the playback bar.
3. Fixed broken file metadata update if drag & drop Twitch channel & game url from browser on the playlist.
4. Fixed broken Radio.Net working.
5. Fixed missing video information panel in the fullscreen on the top mode.
6. Fixed: show “color” button at the pressed state during changing the highlight color.
7. Fixed: playlist’s video item is not selected, opened and draggable if click on views label.
8. Fixed missing Microsoft Visual C++ dlls after installing playler on the Win64 computers.
9. Changed: Hide video information bar at enter/exit fullscreen.