Release logs:
1. Added MadVR support that is used by default if installed on the computer. You can enable & disable MadVR support in Playback->Renderers settings.
2. Added pause video on minimize and play video on restore options in the Playback settings.
3. Added auto hide cursor over video window in normal and video modes.
4. Added settings to enable/disable always show scrollbar in the Window settings.
5. Added feature to pause video when lock Windows session and play video when unlock session.
6. Added smooth animation for sliders in settings.
7. Added ability to change slider value in settings dialogs using keys “Left” & “Right” (if slider has focus).
1. Fixed broken playback of some YouTube videos.
2. Fixed broken YouTube search work.
3. Fixed sometimes empty YouTube pages.
4. Fixed sometimes broken size of YouTube video preview window.
5. Fixed broken youtube preview in the playlist.
6. Fixed broken playback of some Twitch live streams.
7. Fixed broken Soundcloud playback.
8. Fixed application crash if shutdown computer during playback.
9. Fixed broken “Find more” at “+” menu in the window title.
10. Fixed broken selecting suggested search phrase by mouse.
11. Fixed broken bookmarks work.
12. Fixed: hide video bar if change video size.
13. Fixed: hide video preview if lock computer.
14. Fixed sync issues during playback of live streams with caching on disk.
15. Changed: “+” menu in window title adds played track name during radio playback.
16. Removed 2 seconds delay at application exit.
17. Improved seeking.
18. Fixed incorrect update of volume slider value with “Left” & “Right” keys pressed (if slider has focus)
19. Fixed incorrect update of playback slider value with “Left” & “Right” keys pressed (if slider has focus)