1) Added ability to add new sub-playlists as tabs in the playlist’s view area.
2) Added a simple version of bookmarks. Will extend this feature later.
3) Added an icon on the top bar in the playlist’s view area to quickly get access to the playlist’s features like sorting, shuffle etc.
4) Fixed broken YouTube playback & downloading of some videos.
5) Fixed broken SoundCloud search/playback.
6) Created a new section “Favorite” in the left panel where “My Downloads” and “Recently Played” playlists were moved. Also added “Bookmarks” playlists in this section.
7) Changed: Next video is not played by default after completing current playback. This behavior can be changed in settings.
8) Changed: YouTube and Twitch live streams are played by caching data in memory. It is important if the SSD disk is installed on the computer. If you have any issues during playback live streams (freezing, jerking etc) then you can enable caching data on the disk for live playback via “Playback settings->Live” settings.
9) Updated playlists structure: it is possible to use different symbols in the playlist name and use repeated names.
10) Fixed errors in hotkeys support.
11) Fixed errors in video rotation.