1. Fixed errors during playback & downloading some YouTube videos.
2. Updated installer:
– installer user interface has more modern looking.
– installer translated to more languages.
– installer will install Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package only if it is not installed in system.
3. Changed playback of Twitch live streams that can fix sometimes freezing during playback video of very good quality or when internet connection is slow. Now Twitch live stream will be cached on disk during playback, this should give you ability to stop video to cache it and resume playback.
4. Save playlist position
– if change playlist view
– if move between playlists with “Previous Playlist”/”Next Playlist” functionality.
5. Changed hotkeys
– “Previous Playlist” – “F7”
– “Next Playlist” – “F8”
– “Copy title” of played media – “F2”
– “Copy title” of selected media in playlist – “Ctrl+F2”.
6. Show “Settings” button by default on front panel.
7. At start downloading “downloading” playlist is not shown by default because exist downloading button on front panel.
8. Updated icons “Like” and “Dislike”.