1. Fixed 3 important errors during playback & downloading some YouTube videos.

2. Changed view of topbar panel:
2.1. Removed search types icons, moved search types settings to search filters panel.
2.2. Thanks to above updates added “Radio” type for searching and later other types will be added like “Anime”, “Movies” etc.
2.3. Changed design of search filters panel.
2.4. Added “Downloading” button that shows downloading progress. Added tooltip dialog with downloads progress.
2.5. Removed “Settings” icon. All seetings are available via menu.

3. Added “Radio” search on OnlineRadioBox.com, Radio.net and SHOUTcast.

4. Added sorting videos by “Date” by default for YouTube channel videos to show new videos all time on the top.

5. Fixed incorrect view of text filed during renaming music tracks if title has “Artist” name.

6. Fixed incorrect work of next item selection if move in playlist of “Grid” type by pressing keys “Up”/”Down”.

7. Changed: show “Artist” name and then “Track” name in music playlists.

8. Fixed bad quality view of YouTube images in user’s Video playlists.

9. Fixed: show items in search results in “source-one-by-one” order if search for media with different sources.

10. Added Dutch translation. Updated Polish and Korean translations.