What makes our media player so special among all the other tens or, probably, hundreds of other players? Perhaps in a few words this could be expressed as “all in one”.

CherryPlayer is a perfect player for all kind and formats of media files on PC. It would be hard to find what it won’t play. Also it plays almost all the types of streaming multimedia including music, video, radio, live streams and so on. But all this probably won’t surprise anyone today as well as built-in codecs.

But what is unique is that CherryPlayer saves your time with its built-in audio, video and radio playlists, you don’t need to open many windows and tabs to be in the latest trends, this media player contains all the necessary in a single place.

Numerous YouTube playlists of various themes which you should not look at the website now though, because search tools are already included in our media player. Most interesting and popular music top chars from BBC Radio 1, BillBoard and Last.fm are also available. As for radio due to SHOUTcast we can enjoy numerous radio stations divided by themes and countries. What makes CherryPlayer really unique is Twitch.tv support. All the videos, channels and live streams currently are available in player. And because of used technologies you can forget about possible lags and jerks of video. In addition CherryPlayer supports the most popular Eastern Europe social network VKontakte which media files storage can strike your imagination.

One more unique feature of our media player is login to account on YouTube, Twitch.tv and VKontakte. This allows to browse playlists created there.

Working with web services via CherryPlayer is more convenient because it don’t use flash, uses hardware acceleration, uses less traffic that browse.

Enjoy CherryPlayer and have fun!