CherryPlayer supports all kinds of online radio. Moreover there integrated thousands of radio stations based on SHOUTcast platform divided by categories and sub-categories like music (alternative, classic, rock, electronic, etc.), talk, news and so on. Every playlist contains hundreds of online radio stations from every part of the Earth

Also for more convenience there added an ability to choose from countries set each of which contains most popular online radio stations of selected country. Many of stations contain radio fm range so you can easily use it on other devices if it broadcasts from your region.

If the impossible thing happened and you do not find among all the proposed online radio station the one you need or it is just absent in CherryPlayer but you know URL link of this online radio station you can add it manually to the player and you playlists. Just use main menu for this purpose and select there “Ad URL/Live/Radio” or use hot keys Ctrl+U.