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    How willing are people to sell this thing below marketplace and how willing are people to RS gold purchase it for more? Take Green D’hidefor example. A great deal of medium level players receive this every hour and often times wish to cash in for their new trendy product. They usually attempt to eliminate it as swiftly as possible so if it doesn’t sell for med right they reduce the value. This item is also frequent use by low level gamers tanning hides for cash.

    What is the items trend on the G.E.? If the merchandise is steadily increasing, it might be quite tough to purchase it for an affordable price. However if you purchase it to get a high price and sell it back to get an even higher price, you will still earn money. When an item is falling, you will have difficulty selling the item. However with highly traded things, it can still be done.

    Okay, at first, I set a goal for myself to make enough money to purchase Bandos Tassets. I planned on training slayer with them my Fighter’s Torso, although I’m now having second thoughts on it. Could this be a good set to utilize for slayer? Simply to let you know, I am 104 battle with 66 Slayer, trusting about getting it to 85 eventually. This would make me enough cash to purchase Karil’s Top and Leatherskirt for tasks which demand high Mage Defense bonuses. I’m so unsure on what I should do, any help ?

    Am on the nice puzzle and will need to learn how to begin it over as ive fuzzed it up by OSRS Gold For Sale my odd trying. And yes I notice there’s a reset for number of tries. That isn’t what im speaking to. Is there a method to”reestablish” the fine puzzle? This way I may find help in solving it. I have gotten ticked and tucked out and it looked like a pile of jumbles [like this rsof message board]. Ive no method of telling if log out then log in revived the mystery? Is there a way to get it to start from scratch IF I can find a manual list that has a solution?

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