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    A federal judge late Tuesday opened the way for California to begin enforcing anti-net neutrality laws by the U.S. telecom giant.The judge rejected a request by cable and telecom companies to stop taking legal action aimed at preventing them from enjoying their own services and blocking or slowing down the services of competitors such as Netflix.The federal court recently rejected attempts by telecom and cable companies to block enforcement of the net neutrality law that I wrote, ”state senator Mark Wiener said in a tweet.

    California can now fully protect the เกมสล็อตฟรี open internet.A telecommunications company alliance sued California, arguing that states have transcended their powers to pass the law because such regulatory powers are in the scope of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).The judge declined to issue a preliminary order to halt law enforcement while the case went through court with no precedent.When my objection FCC repealed its #net neutrality policy, states like California tried to fill the gap with their own laws,” said FCC President Jessica Rosenworsel in a tweet.

    Tonight, a court in California ruled that the state law went into effect. This is big news for #openinternet policyRosenworcel’s predecessor, Ajit Pai, retired when President Joe Biden took office to clear the way to change governance of the internet.Pai’s tenure as chairman of the FCC has been defined by the industry’s proactive stance, particularly on the “Net neutrality” gives telecommunication companies the freedom to block or limit traffic.Under his leadership, the FCC canceled the 2015 order with the goal of compelling broadband companies to treat all online traffic equally, following a political debate over net neutrality.
    Advocates of net neutrality disputed the rule,

    which was challenged in court, causing powerful ISPs like Comcast and AT&T to shut down competitors’ services and create “fast” and “slow” channels for online information.But others worry that the rule is a hard attempt to reclassify ISPs as utilities, potentially discouraging investment in a rapidly evolving sector.The federal Justice Department earlier this month withdrew a lawsuit during the previous president’s administration, challenging the legality of California law.Rosenworcel said in a tweet at the time that she supported the Justice Department’s withdrawal of the lawsuit.By taking this step, Washington is listening to supporters of the open internet and charting courses to re-establish net neutrality according to the laws of the land,” Rosenworcel said in a tweet.

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