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    Reports on the internal workings of ทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรี BLT Prime, a steakhouse within the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., have revealed a comprehensive service process for former President Donald Trump Diet Cocs, including: Other demand trends in Trump’s inner circle The report is published by the magazine. Washingtonian Which has received a “Standard Operating Procedure” document used by former BLT Prime staff According to the documents, the server has to go through a series of steps every time Trump orders the Diet Coke. These included presenting him with a bottle of hand sanitizer, asking Trump if he would like a soda with or without ice to pre-chill the glass and bottle before he responded, holding both a bottle opener and a diea. Keep Coke in the lower third while presenting.

    Open the bottle in front of Trump – “never before” and put the drink on Trump’s right-hand side.Trump’s diet process is similarly complicated, although the president always eats the same type of food: shrimp cocktails, steak fries, and the occasional apple pie or chocolate cake. The popover that came with the steak had to be served within two minutes and the server had to open several bottles of Heinz ketchup in front of the president to make sure he could hear each bottle make a “pop”.Trump himself never returned a plate. But if he’s disappointed, you can bet the complaint will be downgraded, ”Washington’s story says,“ just like the president asked why his fellow diner would eat a bigger piece of steak.

    The report also revealed that junk food trays, from Snickers bars to gummy bears to Tootsie Rolls, were prepared for Trump every time he came to the restaurant.Other members of Trump’s inner circle are also high maintenance. These include Hope Hicks, a former White House director of strategic communications, who once criticized staff for eating too long and received an apology from managers; and “Storm of Dessert” to compensate for the delayed service Tiffany Trump, who sometimes went to a restaurant for breakfast with her friends from Georgetown Law, often does not show up for reservations and a former employee described her cancellation as not showing up ”. “Pain”

    Most attempted, however, is Rudy Giuliani, who often demands tables for 10 without notice and appears to treat the restaurant like an office. Former executive chef Bill Williamson said he was more likely to “do papers there than eat rice.” The employee eventually created a plaque that reads “RUDOLPH W. Before arriving Trump’s love for Diet Cokes extends beyond BLT Prime and enters the Oval Office.The former president is reported to drink a dozen a day and has a red button on his desk, which he uses to order a special soda.

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