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    Motional, a $4 billion joint venture between Aptiv and Hyundai, is exploring the slotxo company’s involvement in autonomous trucking or logistics, the CEO said today during a live broadcast at 2021. TechCrunch’s Mobility Event

    Karl Iagnemma, Chief Transportation Editor at TechCrunch, said: “The beauty of what’s on the other side of the coin is that. Of course, the same core technology can be applied to many use cases. Business model to trucks “It’s similar, not the same, but similar. So we’re exploring other use cases. We will have more activities in this area. We have nothing to announce today. But there will be more to come.”

    While Motional still believes that the biggest economic opportunity comes from autonomy’s rigorous technological solution to people mobility services, AKA, a model of robotics, Iagnemma recognizes the problem. such as perception, planning, decision making, localization core of independence whether it is moving people or parcels.

    “We are looking for great business opportunities that are most closely related from a technical point of view to the stack we are developing,” said Iagnemma, responding to what is most interesting in the delivery model. and logistics “That’s what really boils down to. These different use cases. In some cases, quite different business cases surround them. The opportunity looked completely different. And that helps us to rate the internal order.

    What presents an interesting opportunity, and again, we are trying to align that with our current technological path of development to say hey, this is probably the least incremental effort for the biggest growing opportunity. That’s how we introduce our strategy inside at Motional.

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