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    In case the kindle is working in the right way, at that point kindle battery can remain up to 24 hours and anybody can utilize it for reading or web-based video streaming.

    Yet, when the gadget gets into saving mode then the gadget will have the option to work for additional hours also.

    On finishing charging sessions on kindle each time once per week then you won’t confront kindle not charging fault.

    In a situation where a kindle not charging issue happens then, you need to check power connections on different devices.

    The screening board of kindle is alluring that is the significant sign why numerous individuals pick this astonishing eReader.

    You need to focus on the correct troubleshooting methods for fixing the kindle not charging error.

    1. Kindle stuck When Charging

    When charging may by chance experience Kindle stuck on damaged battery screen or Kindle stuck on charging screen.

    The best technique to fix it: You can plug out and in or press and release the power button. In case you facing same problem then you can Restart Kindle.

    2. A factory reset could help- Understand this ought to performed while diverse system have disregard to pass on sure results. This will clean every single thing from the device and make it return to its original state without confirming the right way for fixing the fault.

    • While Fire is working, save all data.

    • Place underneath on home screen for showing up at menu

    • Tap Settings, by then Device Options.

    • Pick Reset to Factory Defaults.

    • Select Reset to start.

    • Next, power a structure reload.

    • Keep the volume key on hold with power key for 40 seconds.

    • Release the power key and keep on hold volume key. Wait for the installation of latest updates getting completed.

    • Let the update process getting completed and begin rebooting kindle fire.

    3. Checking the USB Connections

    On using a superior than normal charging connection and the tablet won’t charge Using all techniques, research the USB port on Kindle Fire.
    Sometimes this port can start to come free, which can hinder the affiliation’s ability to help the sending ability to your gadget.
    If this is the situation is that where port is free, an individual may need to get another port.

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