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    To be honest, locking PP entirely behind the OSRS gold Icthlarin’s Little Helper, instead of simply starting the quest could help little bit (obviously we would want the robots just banned but ye).

    Wow, and make dharoks the superior pyramid plunder gear? Think of what this would do to the barrows economy.currently farming barrows pretty much everyone there’s also a bot.

    Hell just ironman search for them.But who’s even out here buying so many sceptres tho? It’s only a moneymaker if people are buying right? Just how many of these items do people need.

    I know, have one in my house too, but that only sounds like it would not be sufficient demand to maintain the costs from the millions.I bought one for Cheap Rs gold my pp grind, cant imagine someone needing over 1.The sceptres cost is tied to its rarity but I agree the cost is surprising.One for a master stash, one for a POH altar, and one for general use I suspect.

    The game lets you not have to keep the pharaohs sceptre but nevertheless store the other items for that step. You may just save the other equipment for the hint and keep the sceptre on your bank to tele there once you get the clue step.What do you mean pyramid plunder is much better exp you’re in no way”not intelligent” unless you were searching for a more relaxed thieving experience.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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