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    The American space agency’s Juno GAME SANOOK probe has returned a close-up view of Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons and the largest natural satellite in the solar system.

    This image was obtained from a distance of approximately 1,000 km.It is the closest spacecraft to Ganymede in more than 20 years.Juno’s is a passing opportunity; The daily task is to study Jupiter. But the European Space Agency will soon send a specific mission.

    The JUpiter ICy moon Explorer, or Juice for short, Juice will perform a series of fly-bys around the other two Galilean moons, Callisto and Europa, before placing themselves in orbit around Ganymede, expected in 2032.Juno’s image shows the affected surface and the Great Moon’s crack in stunning detail.

    They will be compared with images obtained by NASA’s Galileo rover (1995-2003) and Voyager (1979) to see if it has changed over time.This is the closest spacecraft to any spacecraft. It has reached this enormous moon in a generation,” said Juno Principal Investigator Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

    We will take our time before drawing any scientific conclusions. But even then we can marvel at the wonders of the sky. One of Ganymede’s passions — and Callisto and Europa’s — is that they all likely have an ocean of water beneath surface ice.NASA says it will release color images from Juno’s Ganymede soon.

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